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We Diagnose, Treat, and Restore Patients with Concussions to Full Recovery

All Things Neuro is your solution to neurological outpatient care. We combine the experiences of qualified physicians, neurologists, psychologists, neuropsychologists, physical therapists, and occupation therapists into one synergetic neurotrauma care team. As such, we provide a multidisciplinary approach to treating traumatic brain injuries, concussions, PTSD, vertigo, eye-tracking impairment, and other neurological disorders related to a recent injury.

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What we do

Neurotrauma Care in Atlanta

All Things Neuro embodies the diagnosis, treatment, and management of concussions (TBI). We go beyond the common practice of most clinics that prescribe medications that do not solve the problem. Our services combine beautifully, taking a multidisciplinary approach to concussion care and utilizing ultramodern diagnostic equipment that improves neurophysical rehabilitation.

Comprehensive Concussion Treatment

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World-Class Concussion Care

Our services are a combination of three concussion care clinics, which address the specific needs of our patients. Our team is trained in concussion diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation. When you visit any of our neurotrauma care centers in Georgia, you experience quality testing, treatment, and therapy offered by doctors with interdisciplinary specialties.

Diagnostic Testing


Concussion Rehab

Concussion Diagnostic Testing

Our diagnostic center organizes TBI protocol testing to determine the extent and nature of a traumatic brain injury. Our concussion service accurately assesses individuals with brain injury, establishing a basis for the required rehabilitation.


Our psych center provides full-spectrum in-office psychological evaluations performed by board-certified Psychologists. We specialize in providing comprehensive psychological services to children, adolescents, adults, and geriatric patients.

Concussion/Rehab Treatment

Our state-of-the-art neuro rehab center evaluates and treats concussions in patients, leading them to complete physical and neurological recovery. A concussion is a brain injury that results from any impact or blow to the head, neck, or body. For instance, a soccer ball to the head or a car accident can cause a concussion.

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Types Of Patients We Treat

We treat Individuals with the following concussion symptoms:

Physical Symptoms

Ringing in the ears
Fatigue or drowsiness
Blurry vision
Neck Pain
Head Pressure

Other Symptoms

  • Confusion or feeling as if in a fog
  • Amnesia surrounding traumatic events
  • Dizziness or “seeing stars”
  • Sensitivity to light and noise
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Irritability and other personality changes
  • Concentration and memory complaints
  • Disorders of taste and smell
  • Slurred speech, temporary loss of consciousness, or dazed appearance.
  • And much more…


What people say

Hundreds of patients are happy with our concussion care services. Here are some words from our patients.


Happy Patients

William H.

William H.

I had to go for this checkup due to an auto accident I was in a month before this appointment. The office staff explained that it wasn’t just a concussion test but also testing for any other possible issues caused by the accident. I was thrilled overall and praying for the results to come back well!
Tanya H.

Tanya H.

The office staff was very nice and inviting. Ms.Tamisha was very nice and professional, she answered all my questions and even called to check on me after my visit!
Drew B.

Drew B.

They took great care of my needs and made sure to be super helpful and polite while being quick at the same time.
Amy C.

Amy C.

The office staff was terrific. I couldn’t have asked for a better care team. I can’t say enough good things about this group; they are very friendly and understanding!
Angeline M.

Angeline M.

My first time going to the office was a great experience. The office staff was patient, kind, and efficient. Thanks to all of them for making the experience pleasant and seamless!

Your Solution to Comprehensive TBI & Concussion Care


Complete Concussion Evaluation, Treatment and State-of-the-Art Neuro Rehab Centers

· Board certified Neurologists & Physical Therapists
· Oxygen Therapy
· Oculomotor & Vestibular Rehabilitation
· GON & Peripheral nerve blocks
· Natural and Prescription medications
· Comprehensive, detailed documentation of your injuries
· Upper & Lower Nerve Conduction Velocity Test (NCV)
· Needle Electromyography (EMG)
· Electroencephalogram (EEG)


Concussion & TBI Testing

As a 3rd party diagnostic testing service, TBI Diagnostic Centers of Georgia provides a unique TBI protocol that will objectively identify if there was a traumatic brain injury from a recent traumatic event. Each test is interpreted by one of our Board-certified Neurologists.

The primary function is our leading diagnostic test which will help determine the nature of impairment and the corresponding treatment needed to optimize recovery.


Telehealth Psychology

PTSD is a natural response after an automobile accident, and the Neuropsych Centers of Georgia provide patients with the tools and support to heal. Our services are conducted online via phone or video and include any combination of the following:
· Psychotherapy
· Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
· Detailed Neuropsychological Evaluation & Testing
· Speech Therapy
· Cognitive Therapy
· EMDR Therapy
· Psychiatric Evaluation
· Occupational Therapy

We also provide full-spectrum in-office psychological evaluations performed by board-certified psychologists.